#2 Reason Real Estate Agents Will Leave Your Realtor Coaching Program

Not learning enough is sited as one of the top reasons for leaving a coaching program and your Realtor mentor course is no exception. Of course, just because a Realtor may claim that they weren’t learning enough to warrant sticking around doesn’t mean that you didn’t have tons of valuable information for them that they wanted and needed. In fact if you are a Realtor earning above average salary in this crazy economy how could you not have valuable information to share?

Often the problem isn’t actually with the tools that you have to offer but two other problems that are hiding just below the surface.

1. A mismatched or lack of understanding over the agenda and scheduled topics and progress.

2. Mismatched teaching methods.

The good news is that those problems are pretty easy to solve.
The first one is obvious.

1. A mismatched or lack of understanding over the agenda and scheduled topics and progress. Make yourself clear, crystal clear, and then when you think you have it all spelled out in detail deliver the message 3 times in 3 different ways.

Can you ever think of a time when you know that you needed a service or class of some kind and you were in a hurry or a little distracted? Sometimes you just need to get the task, (in this case purchase coaching program) checked off your list so that you can get everything else done. It’s easy to imagine that with something that can be intangible how there could be confusion later over what is and is suppose to be happening. Your job is to make it tangible.

2. Mismatched teaching methods. Of course, you are probably thinking oh I don’t have this problem it’s very clear the way I teach this “___” (marketing system, client service, program, closing technique) fill in the blank. The truth is, if you are only teaching you material one way then I can guarantee you it won’t be the “right” way for most people.

They may have signed up for your Realtor mentor program because they desperately want to achieve the same success that you have in your Realtor career, but after finding that it “just isn’t easy to follow” they become bored, frustrated or just conveniently “forget” to continue working to advance their career.

There’s an easy way to solve this problem. Take everything that you teach and deliver it in as many methods as possible. I will give you an example. Let’s pretend you have a program for teaching a marketing system that utilizes direct mail letters that you have developed over the years and works great. You have written about it and created an e-book, or section of your website dedicated to teaching it. You are off to a great start, but don’t stop before the job is finished.

Take your e-book or website tutorial and record yourself reading it, that way people can listen while they drive or multitask. Then do an interview with someone and talk about it. Get them to ask you probing questions so that you can explain why the direct mail letters are written the way that they are, what parts are OK to change and why and what are not. You get the idea.

Next hold a conference call and/or webinar (web conference). It’s a conference call with the added benefit of sharing your computer screen with the attendees. The great part is that you can record these and then offer them as teaching tools.

If you want to add another facet you can make a simple short video of you teaching the system as well. In this technology age people like seeing actual faces, so if your not too shy give it a shot you don’t need to deliver a cinema quality film just make sure it is clear and you are easy to understand.

Are you ready to take the next step toward turning your Realtor skills into profitable information products and automated continuity programs that can earn you massive (and practically passive) income?

I will lay out for you the step-by-step process I used to build a highly automated coaching company that generated over $50,000.00 per MONTH (with practically no overhead), in less than 4 years.

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