8 Simple Ways to Make Your Online Realtor Coaching Program More Tangible

Here’s the problem, regardless of the “real value” we all have a difficult time paying a lot of money for something that we can’t hold, touch, pack away in the basement. And your Realtor mentor program or Realtor coaching products often fall into that category. It’s like insurance, yes logically we know we need it but if you have ever been in a position where you were paying for your entire insurance out of pocket (no employer help) it’s highly likely you were on the leanest most basic plan available, right? You had to buy it because you know that you and your family needed it but it’s expensive and it’s not easy to fork out a lot of dough on something you can’t see and you don’t know if you will actually use, so if you were paying for the whole amount yourself you likely went the frugal route. This is how your real estate agents often feel about your coaching program.

They know that they need it, and they are pretty sure that they will actually use it, but wow it’s tough to pay so much for something that you can’t see, feel, and hold in your hand. One of your biggest challenges is to create a Realtor mentor program that you can see, hold, touch, without diluting your “virtual” advantages.

First of all what are your “virtual” advantages?

They are all the advantages you get from keeping your Realtor coaching program as online as possible. Here are a few:

1. Ability to change quickly

2. No inventory

3. Easy market testing with instant feedback

4. Very minimal overhead costs

Here are some ways to make your Realtor coaching program, more like a “widget” without damaging these advantages.

1. Do not only name your program, but also name every system within your program. It’s not the “client service system” it’s the “Gold Client Satisfaction System”.

2. Mail a welcome package to each new client containing a variety of printed materials, CD’s and DVD’s.

3. Use your logo to brand each individual system.

4. Provide video versions of any tutorials that you can.

5. Provide audio versions of any tutorials that are too long to make videos of, these are in addition to the written version.

6. Consider having some essential audio’s burned onto CD’s and sent to your members.

7. Print and mail a monthly newsletter to your members.

8. Provide graduation certificates to those who have successfully completed the program.

Even though they are small steps, these little changes will help to solidify your Realtor coaching program as a tangible product for your clients. Each item included in the section can be easily outsourced and is relatively inexpensive and easily adaptable compared to the typical “home training” course. You are able to still keep 99% of your training online while still giving your new clients “physical evidence” of the coaching program that they purchased. This is an important step in helping them get past the emotion challenge of purchasing a “virtual program” and do what’s best for their career.

Are you ready to take the next step toward turning your Realtor skills into profitable information products and automated continuity programs that can earn you massive (and practically passive) income?

I will lay out for you the step-by-step process I used to build a highly automated coaching company that generated over $50,000.00 per MONTH (with practically no overhead), in less than 4 years.

This includes:How to choose your specialty, systematize it, market it and deliver it to your clients, all served to you on a silver spoon.

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